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Favorite Costumes of Harvest Halloween


With Halloween right around the corner, everyone's getting ready to dress up! At Harvest middle school we interviewed several students on what they would be for Halloween, what cool costumes/ group costumes have they heard of, and what is a fun costume they were in the past. Also some popular Halloween candies from other students. First, Here are a few students answers. Liam Gorman a 7th grader celebrates Halloween and a cool custom he was in the past was an elf. For this year's Halloween, he's...

CHARLOTTE FLUKEY, Staff Writer | November 1, 2018

Halloween. Most of us know that Halloween is the final day of October where trick or treaters knock on your door in costumes. Normally, they are children, but not always. So what costumes, what traditions do other families have during the month of October or on Halloween, or just the excitement of things like going to the Halloween store or walking into somewhere like Michaels and straight to the Halloween section. Some of us as middle schoolers might find ourselves feeling “too old” for...

ALLISON MILLER and GRACE EXUM | October 31, 2018

October is upon us! Which means it is time for some scary topics. The topic for this spooky month is the effect of horror movies on the mind and body. What happens to your subconscious after you watch one, Does it cause sleeplessness and even an inside look at how one of the most popular horror movies had subliminal messages! Now sit back, relax, and grab your bag of candy because it’s time to begin! Sleeplessness Usually, after watching a movie, you feel a bit on edge and excited, leaving...

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Reporter From Napa Leaves Fox News After 17 Years


Napa native and Vintage High graduate, Adam Housley, is leaving FOX News after 17 years to run his family's winery in Northern California.

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  • Magnet Funds Provide Tech and Image Upgrades September 19, 2015
  • World Traveled IB Student Visits Harvest January 23, 2015
  • Harvest Hawks Go to Washington Conference August 22, 2014
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Award-winning Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz Visits HMS

Award-winning Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz Visits HMS

Napa Valley Film Festival 2016

Napa Valley Film Festival 2016

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