Amazing Awards Won by Our Very Own Music Program

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Image result for diablo valley collegeRecently Harvest Middle School choir, band, and strings attended Diablo Valley College for a music competition. We heard from around school that our school had won some pretty impressive awards. So we decided to ask the music teacher, Mr.Day, some questions about the competition.



What awards were won at the competition?

“We won three silver metal awards, the boys in the choir won outstanding section, Sidney Lowry won an individual award, and the cellos also got outstanding section”


How many schools attended the competition?

“Like 4-5 other schools”


How did you react when your classes won?

“I was very pleased with the performance, I felt as if they earned their scores”


Have any of your classes won these awards in the past?

“Yes, we won 3 silvers last year”


Do you believe that Harvest has a chance to win an even higher award in the future?

“Yes! Absolutely! Maybe we will even win gold!”


What do you think the hardest part of music is to teach?

“They all have their challenges. Yet, choir is a bit difficult because there is a lot of beginners, band since it is at the end of the day so they tend to have a lot of  energy and have a hard time focusing, and also orchestra since there is a variety of skills.”


Why is music so important to you?

“Music has been a major role in my life as a student in middle school and high school, it was something that brought me into school and kept me involved.”
If you haven’t done any type of music before, you should give it a shot! Harvest’s music program is great and also is very successful in competitions as you now know!