Favorite Teachers at HMS in 2017

So me and Timmy went around the school campus and asked students who there favorite teacher was we got a lot of answers from the students but the results we had were amazing the three top liked teachers were Mrs. Hurtado, Mrs. Franco, and Mrs. Zorn the students said that they like Mrs. Hurtado because she is nice and chill and she is a super fun teacher and does a lot of interesting activities a lot of other students said that they liked Mrs. Zorn because she is super nice and one of the most chillest teachers and she is one of the most chill teachers at this school and other students said Mrs. Franco because her exercises and that a lot of her activities are super fun so there you have it the three favorite teacher at HMS in 2017 below are some of the pictures we took of the three teachers so you know who they are personally i think all of the teachers are great teachers and super nice these three are such amazing teachers and all teachers are super amazing personally my favorite teacher is Mr. Paniagua but that my opinion id like to know what yours is though!!!