Many New Teachers Arrive at Harvest



New Individuals and Societies teacher, Paul Gassner (center), leads Harvest teachers in a “getting to know you” activity last week.

This year Harvest Middle School welcomes 15 new teachers for many subjects; one for Art, three for Individuals and Societies, two for Language Acquisitions, one for Language and Literature, three for Math, two for Science, and two for Special Ed.

All three of our new I&S teachers have more than a decade of teaching experience each. Paul Gassner is on his 14th year of teaching, starting at Vintage High School. This year he will teach 7th and 8th grade students

Liz Lloyd our only new art teacher also has decades of experience and taught at public schools and museums for quite a while.

A new Math teacher at Harvest,Christina Sabuco, is also fluent in Spanish and was a past Spanish teacher and graduated from Sonoma State University.

Alice Auld is a Language Acquisition teacher. She taught Spanish in high school and has been with the NVUSD (Napa Valley Unified School District) program for 10 years.

Charlotte Baxter, a new science teacher,  also a husband, Scott, working at Harvest. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a Masters degree in food science.

This School year is going to be very exciting with so many new faces in the classrooms and I look forward to being in some of these classes.