Harvest Soccer 2017 Begins Season


The HMS soccer teams have begun their 2017 season.

On August 30, 2017, the first co-ed outdoor soccer games for Harvest Middle School were played. It was an away game at Silverado Middle School.

Mr. Martinez led the 7th grade team to a 3-2 victory over Silverado. Unfortunately, the 8th grade team (lead by Mr. Fajardo) fell short to Silverado 2-1. The 6th grade team led by Coach Max was to be played Friday September 1st, but was postponed because of the heat.

Coach Fajardo had some interesting comments after the game. “It wasn’t the best start to the season,” he said, “but now we know what we need to improve on. We need to work on communication with our teammates and  build up our stamina, but overall we look solid, we definitely look like a solid team.”

Some of the 8th grader players had something to say about the game:

Joseph Dowling: “We missed a lot of open shots, couldn’t finish our shots, and our defending could’ve been better.”

Marcus Delgado: “I think we needed better passing and we needed to work more as a team.”

Viviana Rubio: “Our team just needs to communicate more, I think”


1 Brooklyn Carter (R) 1 Kevin H. Rivera 1 Ruby Woodland
2 Alex Cigarroa 2 Gabriel Orozco 2 Bryan Aguilar
3 Oscar Cabrera 3 Kryztian Zarate 3 Viviana Rubio
4 Yovanni Palma 4 Alexander Diaz 4 Jennifer Leighton
5 Danushka Rodriguez (R) 5 Cristian Chavez (R) 5 Daniela Vargas Rubio
6 Maggy Derr (R) 6 Jorge Jesus Salgado 6 Joseph Dowling
7 Javier Morales 7 Andres Ceballos (R) 7 Emmanuel Ayvar
8 Anthony Suite-Thomson 8 Jose Julian Arriola 8 Ivan Solorio-Perez
9 Josiah Orozco 9 Diego Figueroa 9 Maria Sanchez
10 Fabian Nunez 10 Vanessa Rea 10 Justin Sotelo
11 Angel Madrigal 11 Jovany Jimenez 11 Marcus Delgado
12 Armida Mares 12 Angel Perez 12 Bernardo Raya
13 Veronica Ordaz 13 Erick Martinez 13 Yair
14 Liam Gorman 14 Israel Luevano 14
15 Theresa Williams (Preston)  15 Christopher Garica Tovar 15
16 Luis Santos 16 Oscar Rodriguez
17 Brandon Ruvalcaba 17 Adrian Sanchez
18 David Lopez
19 Tomas Tapia
20 Jovanni Esparza
(R) – RIVER 21 Ricardo Beas Covarrubias