Sixth Grade Field Day


Last week, sixth grade students had a field day to learn teamwork and collaboration. There were four different stations to help the sixth grade students to work better on obstacles using their classmates’ help. We interviewed some sixth graders and here is what they said.

Jocelyn Garcia said, “In one of the activities, we had to work to put the ball somewhere.”

Jonathan Creano said he one of the good things about the field trip was that you get to run around. He liked it so far, and he liked the jump rope activity because you could solve problems and distinguish what is right and what is wrong. He also liked that you got to work together.

The sixth grade field day was a really good idea because the students got to learn many team building skills, and they got to meet everyone in their group so they could meet new people and learn to trust them.

In our opinion, this is good for when you first get into middle school because you do a lot of working together with your classmates.

All in all, we think the field day looked really fun, and we hope the sixth graders enjoyed it.