The Biggest Technology Change at Harvest Yet!


During the summer our principal, Mrs. Ready, decided to give kids the option to be lending laptops for free. The kids had the choice to get a laptop or not at the beginning of school.

I figured out that it wasn’t a choice but more of a requirement to have laptops. Actually, the teachers picked a program called, “Study Sync,” that had the rule called, “Williams Act.”

The Williams Act requires everyone to have the textbook with all of the information, but the textbook was in this case, the device. The teachers all had to try out different plans and they all chose Study Sync.

Study Sync is an English Language Arts Program that has the Williams Act that requires devices for all students. Still today, some of the teachers may think that the kids may not know how to use them correctly.

To this day, we hope kids everywhere at Harvest now have a computer for all their classes and even Study Sync. Everyone really seems to like the idea, teachers, kids, administrators, it is the biggest change yet.