How Do You Get To School?


Citlalli Camacho Photo

Harvest Students return to HMS for the 2014-15 school year.

          Obviously, getting to school is very important, and every student gets to class differently, from parents dropping you off, riding the bus, to walking, biking, or skating. But the way students get to school is slowly changing.

           Within the span of one generation, the percentage of teens walking or bicycling to school has dropped extravagantly, from about 50% in 1970 to just 16% in 2006. Though, this might be good, because it is less likely for students to be struck by a vehicle.

             Out of the 12 people that were asked about their commute, nine of them were driven by their parents or carpooled, two walked, and one took the bus. Though, some students don’t like the way they get to school, Carson Goodrich would rather fly by private jet, while Aubriana Medina would like to drive with a friend.

                  Everybody has their own way to get to school, but how do you get to school? Do you carpool? Do you walk? Or do you skate? No matter which way you get to school, we all share a common goal, to get to school on time.