The Devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey

The Devastation of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey

On Thursday August 17 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, and it caused mass destruction, flooding, and has claimed the lives of 84 people. Then on August 30 hurricane Irma hit the lower Florida keys. It started as a category 5 but then later lowered to a category 4 hurricane. Irma killed 124 people, and caused $62.87 billion dollars in damage, and as of 9/11 6,516,564 customers have been left without power.

“The most important thing is to pray for us,” said Florida governor Rick Scott.

“I wish there were more people that would help and reach out to the people in need,” said 8th grade Luisa Ortega.

8th grade Citlali Lopez said, “If it were happening in Napa I would probably stock up on supplies.”

Many lives were lost during the devastating natural disaster. Here are more comments from Harvest students and their thoughts on the situation: ‘’It’s really terrible what happened. I know some people over there in Florida,’’ Josh Novak said.

“It is sad to see people lose their homes and i hope they can recover from it”.Emanuel said.

The hurricanes haven’t stopped yet, many are hitting around Puerto Rico etc. There are many ways you can help out people who have been affected. Salvation army, Americares,and Volunteer Florida are some places you can donate to help out.