Ice Cream Museum Opens in San Francisco

Ice Cream Museum Opens in San Francisco

On September 17, 2017, the Ice Cream Museum was opened in San Francisco. The founder and CEO of the museum is Maryellis Bunn. The Ice Cream Museum is a “pop up museum”. Previously this museum appeared in LA, and New York, and when the museum was located in LA and New York, the museum was sold out. The co-founder of the wildly popular ice cream museum, Manish Vora, decided to take his vision and his love for ice cream and move to the Bay Area.

Inside this museum of ice cream are many things and activities such as a whipped cream ring toss; the ring toss is where you throw rings and try to make it on whipped cream cans. Probably one of their most famous attractions is the sprinkle pool. This pool is made up of 100 million plastic sprinkles.

The price for the tickets is $38 each. This seems like a pricey ticket, but it does come with some bonuses. Some of these bonuses are ice cream and some huge thing of cotton candy, and other delicious treats.

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If you want to go to this ice cream museum it is located in SF on Grant Avenue inside the old bank, and the address is 94108. But you better hurry because this museum is only up until 2018.