Cowboys vs Giants Rivalry Football Game

Cowboys vs Giants Rivalry Football Game

On September 10, 2017 there was a rivalry game between the Giants and the Cowboys. The game was at Arlington, Texas at AT&T stadium at 5:30 and they had a good game but the Cowboys won.

The rivalry has been going on since 1960. The rivalry started that the Giants had a great coach and he moved to the Cowboys and the Giants got mad at the Cowboys.

Then the Giants lost every game except when they played the Cowboys and it ended up in a tie 31-31. That really made the Giants mad.

Since then the Cowboys insulted the Giants and the Giants whined and complained. Then the Giants started a fight with the Cowboys at one of the games.

Since 1960 the Cowboys beat the Giants 64 times. The Giants beat the Cowboys 47 times so the Giants are mad and wanted to win badly but the Cowboys wanted to keep their title. So here is how the game went.

In the first quarter, the Cowboys scored 3 with a kickoff. Dan Bailey was the kicker and made a great kick.

In the second quarter, the Cowboys scored a field goal for 3. Then they scored by Dak Prescott throwing a touchdown to Jason Witten for 7 points. Then they got the extra point. Then Dan Bailey made a field goal 42 yards away.

In the third quarter, the Giants made a 25 yard field goal. The kick was by Aldrick Rosas for 3 points.

In the fourth quarter, the cowboys scored a 3 point field goal. That was the end of the game. Here is some fan’s comments.

1st Interview:

Justin said “ I was rooting for the Cowboys. I liked the Hail Mary play the best. It was interesting and my favorite player is Ezekiel Elliott because he is a good rookie.”

2nd Interview:

Dylan said “ I was rooting for the Giants. My favorite play was when the receiver dove and I didn’t like the game because the Giants lost. It wasn’t interesting. I like Odell Beckham Jr. on the Giants.”

“ The Cowboys is who I was rooting for. I liked the first down and I think the Cowboys played well. I don’t have a favorite player.” exclaimed Jack.

3rd Interview:

Andrew Barrios said “ The Giants always win so I was rooting for the Cowboys. Ezekiel made a big hit on a drive so that was my favorite play. I liked most about the game was that the Giants lost bad. The game was interesting but not really because the Giants lost bad. My favorite player was Dez Bryant because he made a lot of spectacular catches.”