Cal Fire Road Closures and Evacuations


Road Closures

October 10, 2017

SR29 north of Tubbs Lane                                                       SR121 at Atlas Peak Road

SR121 at Wooden Peak                                                                          SR121 at SR128

SR128 Capell Valley Road                                                              SR 128 at Tubbs Lane

SR128 at Berryessa Knoxville Road                                            SR128 at Silverado Trail

Silverado Trail at Oakville                                             Silverado Trail at Skellenger Lane

Silverado Trail at Trancas Avenue                           Silverado Trail at Sage Canyon Road

Silverado Trail at Rutherford Road                                             Yountville at Finnell Road

Knoxville Road at Turtle Rock                                                                Moskowite Corner

Wooden Valley at Monticello                                                 Hagen Road at First Avenue

Coombsville Road at 2nd Avenue                                  Coombsville Road at 3rd Avenue

Coombsville Road at 4th Avenue                        Wild Horse Valley at Green Valley Road

Mt. Veeder Road                                                                                       Dry Creek Road

Petrified Forest Road at Foothill Boulevard          Northbound Highway 29 at Tubbs Lane

Information from: Maria Sestito from Napa Valley Register


About 50,000 people were evacuated from their homes due to the fire. 2 hospitals were shut down, 23 people died and over 160,000 acres were burned.

Information found at CNN News and Los Angeles Times