Wildfires Affect on Air Quality In Napa


With all the fires that have happened in Napa and the Bay Area as a whole, the air has been contaminated making it very unhealthy to breathe. The air quality became much too dangerous to go outside without some form of high quality mask that covered your nose and mouth.

According to CNN, the smoke from the fires led to the worst air pollution on record for Northern California. Air quality was considered “very unhealthy” when the air score reaches 201. However, at one point during the fires, the air score in parts of Napa hit 486.

Some citizen’s lungs were affected heavily, and over 100 people were treated for smoke inhalation and shortness of breath. According to studies from UC Berkeley, “When you inhale this harmful smoke, your lungs and airway may become irritated, swollen, and blocked. The damaged airway and lungs prevent oxygen from getting into your blood, and respiratory failure may develop.”

About 40 different school districts were forced to close because of how harmful the air quality was. Schools all around the Bay Area were closed for at least 2 weeks. It is obvious why, because air pollution in the Bay Area had been the worst since 1999 when scientists began collecting data.