North Bay Fires Attack! How Can We Help?


Two weeks ago, there was a natural disaster that poisoned the air, shut off people’s power, and even burning people’s houses to the ground. These thousands of people have barely anything left. They need your help to get them back on their feet.

These people have a limited amount of food and water. See if you can go to Safeway or Costco and get some bottled waters or gallon waters and give it to the donation centers. I am positive the people would love that you helped them out.

Also, they might not have a roof to live under. If you know someone that has been affected by the fire really bad, try to make room for them and see if they will stay. Doing this will probably make their day.

And, if you want another tip to help people who lost your home, if you have some clothes that you don’t want that are in good condition, put them in your washer and dryer, then donate them to the shelters or a Goodwill.

These last two weeks were very disastrous, so we need to work together and get everyone back in all their homes, safe and sound. Hopefully everything will get better.

In addition, the people that lost their homes aren’t the only people you can help. You can also help the firefighters by donating. They especially need bottled water while they are stopping the fires.