Multiple Wildfires Devastate Napa Hillsides


The poor air quality and smoke caused by the wildfire for the residents of Northern California have triggered so many breathing problems for people with breathing problems to increase. The smoke was thick, and charts showed, smoke/ air quality level to have reached a very unhealthy color. Evacuation centers in many places, were welcoming anyone who was evacuated or had their home burnt to the ground. Numerous families by choice and by the grave circumstance, evacuated to homes of friends or family.

How did the wildfires affect the Communities in California? Well, famous for their wines Napa County had huge fields of grapes and some of them were wiped out by the fire. Though most wineries already picked their grapes, this is still a huge loss for the businesses and was even worse for those who did not pick their fields. In all the communities that were burned it will also be hard for them to recover from the damage of these terrifying wildfires. The damage not only includes the homes and businesses that were burned, they also include the lives lost and the the jobs lost.