Multiple Wildfires Devastate Napa Hillsides


  On  Sunday night October 8,  2017, wildfires started all around Napa, CA and other nearby counties.  In Napa County the fire grew rapidly with the support of 50-miles-per-hour winds, as did a few other fires created in counties nearby. The winds grew to be almost hurricane-like. Many people in Northern California evacuated, had loss of communication, suffered toxic air, and lost homes and loved ones to the fire. Officials still do not know how it started.

The poor air quality and smoke caused by the wildfire for the residents of Northern California triggered so many breathing problems for people with breathing problems to increase. The smoke was thick, and charts showed smoke/ air quality level to have reached a very unhealthy color.  In Napa and other counties near, the fires burnt a massive amount of land. There was a total of 182,000 acres of land or 281 miles destroyed in the Northern California Wildfires.

Evacuation centers in many places were welcoming anyone who was evacuated or lost their home. Evacuation centers had many volunteers there everyday in support of the families who lost their home. Numerous families either by choice or by the grave circumstance, evacuated to homes of friends or family. Many schools were closed during this devastating fire in Northern California. Schools did not reopen until Monday October 23, 2017 in Napa and other counties.

There was a rush of support from our first responders.  So many came from all around Northern California and even out of the country. First responders were incredibly kind to come from out of state and country to contain the fires that were burning at a large quantity. The firefighters  were there to eventually contain the fires. The police were there to warn families of evacuation.