Lunch Rules Changed for the 2017-18 School Year


The students of Harvest Middle School were surprised to find out at the beginning of the year that new lunch rules have been established. The rules state that students are not allowed to eat in teachers’ classrooms or by the planter boxes, and instead, only eat at the picnic tables.  Last year, Harvest students were allowed to eat in teachers’ classrooms, by the tree boxes and basically, wherever their hearts desired.  But times have changed around campus and many students have an opinion on the subject.

Ximena Alvarez, an 8th grader proclaimed, “I don’t like it. If we were able to do it last year, why can’t we do it this year?” Ximena was not the only student with a less-than-good opinion on the new rule.

Graham Gongora (8th), had similar remarks to the new rules.  “No, it will not improve anything because although it may or may not keep the school cleaner, the students may be miserable and may no longer like lunchtime.”

Mr. Fajardo, a 7-8th grade I&S teacher, had a slightly different opinion on the lunch procedures.  When asked about the rule of no students in classrooms he felt that the rules are “…put in place for students to be contained and to be safe.”  But when questioned about the rule stating the kids can’t sit underneath the trees, Mr.  Fajardo had a different opinion.  “It should be totally allowed, you just said, there’s not enough seats.”

As with all things, there are reasons for the new rules.  Ms. Jones, the 8th grade vice principal, has stated that the rule about the classrooms “…are to keep the students safe and under supervision,” and the rule about the tree boxes is to “…make it easier for the custodians and keep the campus clean.”

Thankfully, the conflict between the majority of the student body and the administrators has been partially resolved.  A new concept has been introduced, one stating that students can be inside teacher’s classrooms on specific days as part of student “clubs”.  Clubs such as Music Club and Critter Club have been very popular with a lot of students and allow kids to eat inside classrooms with teachers.

The new lunch rules at Harvest have not come without controversy.  However, like many school rules, it is certain to eventually carry out its intended purpose; to keep our campus safe and clean.