Brain Drain – Difficult Classes

Brain Drain - Difficult Classes

Every student has at least one hard class, some of the students would like to change their grade and others, could care less, some have a goal for themselves and hope to achieve it.

The students at Harvest Middle School have a total of eight classes, so what is their most difficult class? Well, the most common is Math but, some others include History, Animation, and Music. Daniel said that his goal in Math was to, “Try to get an A and improve.”  Some fears in student’s most difficult classes include “I won’t pass,” and “Asking Questions.”

So far this year the very first progress report has come out, some of the students were completely happy with their grade others felt neutral about their grades and others were devastated.

The students at harvest have a variety of reasons that their classes are hard for them, for example Daniella an 8th grader, said that her hardest class was Math and, “(Math is hard because) I don’t really understand math and the teacher doesn’t really teach well.” Another student, Heriberto also an 8th grader, said that “ (History is hard because of) the projects that they give us.” As you can see these kids are struggling with their grades maybe us interviewing them will help them realize what their grades are and try a little harder.