Modern and Past Day Heroes


All heroes aren’t like superheroes who fly or are invisible or save the town from the supervillain.  In this world, we have so many heroes that help out in different ways. Some heroes help out in unmentionable ways like by saving a life or lives, educating and motivating someone or more than one.  We have had and still have empowering heroes, we need more heroes to help us through problems that have occurred and occur in today’s world.

Today’s heroes come in so many ways.   Many people look up to their parents as a modern day or EVERYDAY hero.  As one student said about her father,¨ he works for the city and when the fires happened, he was up at 4 a.m. and had to work really hard.¨  Mom ´s, parents or family members are people they look up to, someone who matters to them. As another student stated, she ¨looks up to her cousin that´s in college and tries even though she fails, she keeps trying.¨

In the past, we have had heroes that have changed the world for the better. Students at Harvest Middle School look up to activists that have done good in the past years.  One student said that they look up to Martin Luther King Jr. because ¨he helped end segregation and because I think that we’re all equal.¨ Another student at HMS agrees that he also looks up to Martin Luther King Jr.,¨because he made both races come together.¨ Past heroes have inspired today´s heroes and future heroes to do good in the world.

Malala Yousafzai is a role model or hero that many girls or truly everyone looks up to. Many students at HMS are one of the many students that look up to this young woman. She has brought girls and people together to have a better education.  She is now 18 and has motivated girls all around the world and especially girls in her country, Mingora Pakistan.  She has fought for girls rights to get an education which helps them have a better life.  As hard as she fought through it when getting shot on the bus in her country, she didn´t give up her dream to be able to go to school and shared the inspiration to other girls. Yousafzai was very accomplished, she is the youngest to receive the Nobel peace prize in campaigning universal education.