Xtreme Barbie Jeep Racing



Some sports are civilized, some sports extreme, but have you heard of XTREME BARBIE JEEP RACING. This dangerous “sport” was started around 2008 and is on Showtime after dark. Most of the people who participate in Barbie Jeep Racing don’t usually come out with any scratches or scars.

The most important rule of the game is to get at least one part of your Jeep across the finish line, the person with the best time gets $10 and a gift card and bragging rights, requirements to enter is $10 and a one or two seat kids car and that’s it. There are multiple rounds each varies between a solo rider or 2 people racing for the best time.

Some races are single elimination, first down the hill wins but, some crashes aren’t as bad as others and some crashes can be deadly. One crash was so bad the driver got knocked out and needed medical assistance. Some basic rules are that you must have a seat to sit on and a steering wheel to steer the jeep.

No model really is better than another; they are all pretty bad in general. But whatever starts at the top of the hill isn’t necessary at the finish line. You just need 1 piece of the car at the finish line. Someone once actually built a custom ride out of a 2×4 frame, but it was a major fail in the end. In conclusion, Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing can make you crack a few laughs here and there other than that, this is a disgrace to our country.