Do Sports Affect Your School Work?

Do Sports Affect Your School Work?

A lot of students play some sort of sport, so we decided to find out if sports actually help their education, so we asked some kids for their opinions.

Dylan Snider said that he plays baseball and basketball, and he thinks it fits into his after school schedule because he thinks that people should do all their work at school.

Noe Mendez plays football and thinks it helps him with teamwork and working hard.

Citlali Lopez said that she plays softball and volleyball and it fits into her schedule really well and she loves playing both sports.

Berkley said she also plays softball and volleyball and she has to work really hard to fit it into her after school schedule and have time for everything, but she likes playing both sports so she figures it out.

We think that if students like to play sports then they should, and sports help with lots of things like collaboration and work ethic. It can also make you feel less stressed and happier. Not to mention you can get in shape. All in all, if you want to do a sport, you should, because it can help a lot.