Women’s March Napa Valley 2018


The people of Napa and all around, march at Women’s March in Napa.

This Saturday, January 20th, men, women and children of all ages and all races were there in support of equality for all. After the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017, those who choose to march on what they call the Women’s March. Many carried signs, with all kinds of messages of encouragement, love and peace for the country. People had smiles on their faces and the face of hope for the future. Speakers spoke out, and singers sung out at this years 2018 Women’s March Napa Valley.

Women’s Marchers listening to speakers in Napa.


The marchers posters were about being passionate about rights for women and equality for all and the children of the future. The march was a large crowd of people chanting encouraging statements and songs. Women, men and children (even some babies) were dressed in mostly pink and some purples. Signs were full of passionate words of dedication, empowerment and equality for all. 


This  years march was as successful and possibly more than lasts years march. Friends and families got together and marched in unison. Some of the same speakers spoke again and encouraged and thanked them for coming to this movement.


Waking down from State street, marchers continued their animation all the way through the march. Speakers at the fairgrounds  were there informing people with words of encouragement and ll. Singers sung classic songs of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and one song sung by a teacher. Children from Napa, told a story about the their pins with the words, “be kind” and how it started with one person. Students also spoke at this march, telling their story and speaking out towards equality and equal-pay for everyone and how it is to live as an immigrant family.