What’s trending fast? It’s the newest game Fortnite. It has 4 stars. More than 40 million people have downloaded Fortnite. More than 2 million playing at the same time too.

The designer is Darren Sugg and the developers are Epic Games and People Can Fly and guess what? They are taking suggestions. They may not respond or do what you ask but they may consider it and probably read it.

The original was supposed to be a super scary haunted video game and they kept getting feedback from players and it gradually turned into the game everyone plays now. They constantly make new updates based on players feedback. Soon players will be able to drive the vehicles.

You are allowed to play in teams and team up against others, and you are allowed to play with friends and players all around the world. You can also play by yourself.

To play you start out with an ax and you chop things for resources. You search houses, and containers for loot and weapons so that you can take on the competitors.

Be careful though because a deadly storm is coming to destroy you and the only way to survive is to stay inside the eye. The way to win is to be the last person standing. There is many players but here is what some players had to say about the game.

Good: Bad:
Andrew, “It is fun and addicting and I like how you can play with friends and as a team.” Andrew, “I don’t like the trees from the new update. I wish it provided more metal for players.”
Dougie, “I like the quality and how it’s a fantasy based game. I like how you can play with people worldwide and with my friends. I also like how you don’t have to be a high level to be good.” Dougie, “I have nothing because it is an awesome game.”
Diego, “I like how you can’t beat it and you can keep playing different people. I also like how it is easier to win with friends.” Diego, “I don’t like how you can’t pull out the hang glider whenever you want.”
Justin, “I like how it is difficult to win but fun when you do. I also like how you can use strategy to win.” Justin, “Nothing.”