Mr. Day Leaves Harvest for American Canyon High


Just before winter break, Mr. Day made the announcement that he was going to take a Music Department teaching position for instrumentals that was offered at American Canyon High School. He said that even though it was unusual to take a job in the middle of the year, he had been wanting to take that job for a long time. Many students were sad when Mr. Day told us, and here are some of their responses.

Ashley McDowell said that she was surprised to hear that Mr. Day was leaving, and it was sad for her. She also said she thinks Mr. Day will enjoy American Canyon High School more because it’s a change for him, and he is so used to Harvest Middle School it will be nice to have a change. Ashley says that Mr. Day was a good teacher because at the beginning of the year the class was really bad but they’ve improved a lot and it’s a fun class now.

Kayla Fuqua said, “When I transferred to Harvest last year, Mr. Day was so nice and he helped me to make new friends so it was really sad for me when he decided to leave, I was really sad, because he kind of helped me grow my friend group and I’m really grateful.”

As you can see, Mr.Day leaving has very much made an impact on HMS students, especially students of his own. Mr.Day has made his mark at harvest and helped many kids and will be missed very much.