Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, Super Moon: The Sight of a Lifetime


On the 31st of January, there was a Lunar Eclipse that happened at around five to seven in the morning, but you would have been  able to see it start at two in the morning. Now, you already know that a Lunar Eclipse happens every six months or 177 days but, this was special because there was also be a Blood Moon and a Super Moon. This occurrence hasn’t been seen since 1866 or around 160 years.


A Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun, Earth and Moon align just perfectly to make a shadow on the Moon. The good thing with Lunar Eclipses is that you don’t need to wear protective glasses to watch it like you had to with the Solar Eclipse. Also, this Eclipse only happens during a Full Moon or when the Full Moon is showing. Did you know that a Lunar Eclipse is the same thing as a Blood/Blue moon. Due to the red on the Moon, people tend to call this Eclipse a Blood Moon.


A Super Moon is when the Moon just about coincides with the nearest space that the Moon reaches to Earth in its Elliptic Orbit. In other words, the Moon will be really close to the earth and it will be a huge moon to see. If you where worrying about how close the Moon was to the Earth, the Moon was 30 Earth diameters away so you don’t need to worry. Fun Fact, Super Moon’s are bigger when it is winter time so, it was big on the 31st.


So to wrap things up, I hope you where prepared for what you see in the morning, it was big and spectacular (I am talking about the eclipse). It was a once in a lifetime experience so, I hope you took lots of pictures. Thank you for reading my story and follow our Hawk Posts.