What High School is Right for You

What High School is Right for You

Have you ever thought, “Oh no it’s eighth grade and the assignments are getting harder, and I have to choose a high school soon!” This summary of Napa high school choices might make the decision at least a little easier:

-American Canyon High School: This is a highly rated public school, that according to test score, at least 23% kids are proficient in math and 66% of kids are proficient in reading. 92% of students feel safe in the school, 75% of students say they feel happy in the school environment. The school also has a bonfire/nightly rally, sports events, and spirit weeks. They also has a free/reduced lunch program for families who can’t afford the full price. You can also participate in clubs which I thought was pretty cool.

-Napa High: Napa High is a larger school so it might be harder to get one on one help if you need it, there are four percent more females than males. Fifty eight percent of the school is hispanic, thirty five percent caucasian, four percent asian, and three percent other. They also have the English to Spanish program, and speaking multiple languages is very useful in the job market. They also treat new students like they have always gone to the school so they feel welcomed.

-New Tech High: A friendly honest gender neutral school their school is a college prep school basically, they also only have Ultimate Frisbee that would be a con. They do allow you to play sport for other schools teams like soccer, baseball, so on, and also, I think they also have swimming team as well, so that’s pretty cool at least for me. They also let you take classes at the Napa college and they allow you to take internships at other which can let you get a good feel for what you want to do with your life. You also have to register before time because, it takes the names and shuffles them in a random raffle. You also can’t make any jokes you think even slightly might offend a person. It is a smaller school so easier to get help.

-Vintage High School: On Saturdays, they allow you to study in the Study Hall, which helps people with homework and they allow you to also make up for an absence if you go. They also have a theater program where they make their own plays like Les Miserable. The campus is 50-acres with two gyms, a state of the art swimming pool, a work CTE farm, and beautiful athletic fields. The genetic break down for Vintage 53% Hispanic, 40% White, and the remaining 7% includes Filipino, African American, Asian, and Native American.