Managing ManageBac

The students and teachers at Harvest Middle School started using a new grading system called Managebac in the 2015-16 school year. Echo was the previous grading system that was used by the Harvest students and staff.

Was Managebac a success or not for Harvest Middle School? When Ilya was asked if she liked Managebac overall the eighth-grader said that it was “Not bad” and eighth-grader Chloe said it was “Ok”. For most students, the most helpful feature was that they could see their grades.

As for when and where students would use it, it varied by a lot. Some only used it when their teachers asked them too while others looked at it once or twice a week.

Just like all programs, there are pros and cons to Managebac. Something the students liked included being able to see their grades, narrowing it down to be able to see one class at a time, and seeing when things are due. Some downsides that students have noticed would be that “It’s just too complex,” eighth-grader Calvin said, and that it’s not always up to date. Eighth-grader Maddy said that if she were to change something she would “change the layout and add more themes and make it easier (to get around on the website)”.