It is President’s Day Weekend!


 This weekend, February 16th through the 19th, will be President’s Day weekend and the birthday of our top hat President Abraham Lincoln. This holiday is important to us and we can honor it in quite a few ways.


But first, we are going to walk through the first Presidents Day. The first Presidents Day was in 1885 to recognize our first President, George Washington. The government refers to Presidents Day as Washington’s Birthday.


This weekend, we all have things we love to do for fun.  Something that kids like about this holiday is the break time. Some kids would like playing video games the whole weekend.


Another thing that is happening all around the United States is the President’s day sales at businesses all over. For parents the President’s Day sales can get something you have wanted that is at a lower price.


An additional fact to throw out there, it is important for us to honor our past, present, and future presidents for the accomplishments that got us to this present day and will help our future. Sometimes we don’t get the Presidents we want, but we always hope they make the future better.


It is vital that all of you go out and do something for fun and for our Presidents. It doesn’t have to be inside or outside, just have a good time with your family or friends or even both!