Does Virtual Reality Help People?



 Are you deciding if you want to get one? You should. Now you are probably asking does virtual reality goggles help people? Yes! It does help people. It helps people every day. To everything there is pros and cons even with this.

Some people think that it is tyranny but there is a lot of pros too. It helped the Sixers’ Markelle Fultz and he said that he used virtual reality goggles and it helped him fix his broken shooting form. It helped him because, he had a shoulder injury and the Sixers tried to help him. It was completely messed up but then the Sixers ordered virtual reality goggles because, they have used them before and it worked and it is even working now.

It helps pro athletes train and become better like the New England Patriots. After using these devices, it helped this team make it to the Super Bowl. It also helps people overcome their fears because when you use virtual reality goggles, you aren’t physically facing it but it makes you believe you are and it makes you have to overcome it.

The VR box is also helping traumatized soldiers slowly heal from their experiences. It teaches people how to survive when needed. It helps people who can’t remember well and has videos on a phone, relive those moments. After all that information do you think you should get them? I think you should. It is an amazing experience and it could help with many things.