Famous Places To Go


Famous Places To Go

This is how many people chose each place:

St. Lucia -2 people

Machu Picchu -6 people

Great Barrier Reef-1 person

Jackson Hole-0 people

Banff, Alberta-0 people

This is what people thought about the place they chose:

St. Lucia:

Dylan Snider – “I want to go there for the beach. I want to swim and tan. I would bring my family, my phone and a swimsuit.”

Kaleb Matulich – “I want to go there to take a break and enjoy nature in the summer. I would enjoy the island traditions, hiking, and snorkeling. I would bring my parents for a family vacation. I would also bring a notepad and camera.”

Machu Picchu:

Sidney Burch- “I want to go there to take great pictures. I want to hike there and eat. I would take my family and dog. I would take my camera for pictures.”

Phil Dulle- “I want to go there to study. I want to study the ancient ruins and study about Machu Picchu, the city lost within the clouds. I would look around at the great views and study architecture. I would take my friend and a camera for proof.”

Great Barrier Reef:

Graham Gongora- “I want to see all of the amazing sea creatures. I would go scuba diving for the experience. I’d bring my friends, swim trunks, scuba gear and a underwater camera.”