Top Athletes at Harvest

Harvest 8th grader Nathan Materne stretches for an attempted touchdown during the Napa Saints 2017 season.

There are many athletes here at Harvest middle school. They range from playing recreational sports just for fun and to be active to highly competitive athletes who practice several hours a week and have really had major success in their sport. Some amazing athletes here at Harvest are Nathan Materne, Cristian Ojeda and Caitlyn Newburn.  

Nathan Materne who is an eighth grader at HMS, plays for the Napa Saints football team as a defensive end, and was defensive player of the year two years in a row. According to Nate, he says “The pressure is extremely high, especially being a defensive end you make sure nothing gets outside of you because if it does there is no protection.” “You have to be mean and aggressive so nothing gets by you.” He practices at least 5 days a week if not more and does weight training to prepare himself for freshman football because he says he is “Not the bulkiest.” He says playing football can help him for college, and he would love to be a player in the NFL one day, but he has his mind set on on pathology or biomedical engineering.

Cristian Ojeda is also an eighth grade student at HMS, who plays for the Napa soccer academy and we asked him a couple of questions about his athletic career. We asked if the pressure was high as a goalie, he’s response: “You have basically all the pressure because you see the whole pitch because you have to tell them what to do and if they score it’s on you.” We asked a couple more questions and here were his responses: how often do you practice?
“two times a week with the team and after it’s over I practice two more hours. but I practice every day individually.” how do you think being this good at your sport will benefit you?
“it’s really competitive because you learn work ethic and you have to be prepared and it would be good to have that experience.”


Caitlyn Newburn who is an 8th grade student at HMS who is playing softball at a very competitive level. She plays 3rd base and catcher and she has also verbald for a full ride scholarship at UCLA. We asked Caitlyn around the same questions and here are her response

Is the pressure high?
No, because you have to get good grades and keep working hard
How often do you practice?
Every day hitting, fielding, and i work out
How do you think being good at your sport will benefit you?
To get a scholarship to college and leadership schools and UCLA has a lot of programs for your future.

As you’ve been able to see, for napa being such a small town, we have some amazing athletes coming out of it. Three exceptional athletes let alone at HMS. All three of these kids have very good grades and do amazing in the sports.