2018 Harvest Pi Day 3.14


Jed Rubin

Eighth grader Juliana Bulman was the winner of the Pi Day Hula Hoop Competition.

On March 14 it was National Pi Day at Harvest Middle School, celebrating the number 3.141592653589. There were a lot of activities and challenges to choose from: the hula hoop contest, the pie eating contest, Pi recitation, the Pi relay and calculating Pi. The students and teachers also sang a song at the end.

  • The winner of the hula hoop contest was Juliana Bulman, 8th grade.
  • The winner of the pie eating contest was the 8th grade team, who also won the Pi relay.
  • 6th grade won the Pi recitation with a total of 139 numbers.
  • 7th grade won the Pi calculating contest.

All of the students were having a good time singing and cheering on their grade and their friends that were participating in the games. Harvey the Hawk was there helping with the cheering too.

On Pi day at Harvest at milk break the contests began to prove who was good enough to go into the finals. There was a lot of cheering and screaming for their friends there, too.

Overall, Pi day was a good experience for Harvest culture or just to have a good time.