Opinion on Soundcloud Rappers

Opinion on Soundcloud Rappers


Over the last few years, many new rappers are going mainstream. But where they got their start is the most interesting thing. Many rappers that are on the radio started on an app called Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a platform for music enthusiasts who just want to upload a beat or do a voice over.  Many do it as a hobby and some are making it a full-time job.

Some rappers that are basically unknown until someone plays your music or song then if they liked your song they will play it and maybe show their friend and also you can just put out just a normal song that you just want to post and you can just keep it underground until people are exposed to it then I probably won’t be unknown anymore. Also, SoundCloud is like an app that is free but internet needed to function correctly, but there are some problems that have to do with SoundCloud. One of the problems with SoundCloud is that if you are not using wifi it waist a lot of your data and that’s one of the issues. Soundcloud is sometimes compared to Spotify but in our information on the bottom from current students say that they prefer SoundCloud over Spotify because of their abilities on the app.   


-Juan said that SoundCloud rapper get a lot of clouts depending on their music

-Carlos said that he like SoundCloud over Spotify because you don’t

have to pay for membership it just goes on your data usage

-Jasmine, she said that SoundCloud is better because you can have more freedom on listening to music, the reason for that is because sometimes if you search someone and they are unknown it sometimes won’t let you listen to them