What Harvest Students Think About Shootings in Yountville

What Harvest Students Think About Shootings in Yountville

In Napa there has been many recent shootings including the Yountville shooting that just happened at the Veterans home. There has been many atrocity deaths recently and Harvest thinks it isn’t good. Almost every student knew what happened at Yountville and they all feel bad. Here are some questions that Harvest students answered.

How do you feel about the Yountville Shooting?

Jules Durfee- “I feel ashamed about it because the guy was a veteran and he shouldn’t have had access to the gun because he was not mentally stable.”

Connor Ross – “I felt like it was unnecessary.”

Madison Poljanec – “I don’t understand the reasoning behind it.”

Kaleb Matulich- “It could have been prevented.”

Phil Dulle – “It really wasn’t appropiate and and the guy shouldn’t have had access to the firearm because he wasn’t stable in the mind.”


What would you do if that happened here?

Jules Durfee- “I would run to my house because it is close.”

Connor Ross – “I would use the hide, run, attack method.”

Madison Poljanec – “I would help others as long as I made sure I am safe.”

Kaleb Matulich – “I would hide.”

Phil Dulle – “I would run away and fight if needed.”


If you were principal, how would you make Harvest more safe from school shootings?

Jules Durfee- “I would make sure every kid was not alone.”

Connor Ross – “I would teach more about the topic.”

Madison Poljanec – “I would make sure more kids are more aware of the topic and teach kids more than once about the topic because I feel Harvest only really teaches it once.”

Kaleb Matulich- “I would have more police officers patrolling Harvest campus.”

Phil Dulle – “During school time I would make sure there is a locked fence on the front of the school so the shooter does not have a good chance of getting in.”


Do you ever feel unsafe at Harvest because of school or nearby shootings?

Jules Durfee- “Not particulary here at Harvest.”

Connor Ross – “No, I do not.”

Madison Poljanec – “Sometimes.”

Kaleb Matulich- “Not really.”

Phil Dulle – “Yes, because the location of this school makes it so they have better access of getting into this school.”