People’s Preferred Pasta

Peoples’ Preferred Pasta

Writer Kyle / Interviewers Nathaniel and Bryan


Pasta is a comfort food to some to others it is just a normal food, but everyone likes some type of pasta. If you are saying to yourself right now that you don’t like pasta you are wrong, you like some type of pasta. These are the types of pasta that people like and the reasons they like them.


Mateo Lucero: Likes lasagna his reasoning for liking is not specified because he says that “I do not really have a reason for liking it besides it is good.”


Giovanni Hernandez: Likes lasagna for the same reasons as Mateo Lucero.


Phil Dulle: Says he likes chicken Alfredo, “Because I am half Italian.” I think what he means by that is that he was introduced to it by parents maybe family members.


Justin Thomas: Says that he likes butter lasagna which sounds good even though I have never had it before He doesn’t give a reasoning for liking it.


Marco Saldivar: Says that he likes chicken noodle just chicken noodle, not soup or anything, the reasoning he gave was because “Papa’s in the house.” I hate answers like these people who do not take their pasta seriously.


Mr. Moutsouris: Says that he likes to eat fettuccine he didn’t give a reasoning because he didn’t have enough time to answer.


Mr. Lewis: Says that he likes to eat lasagna his reasoning is in the same boat as Mr. Moutsouris he didn’t have time.


Mr. Fajardo: Says he likes to eat Lasagna with jalapeno, broccoli, rosemary, a lot of cheese, with mushrooms, with sourdough, and British butter, and a Dr. Pepper with ice he didn’t give a reasoning.


Mr. Paniagua: Says he likes to eat Spaghetti with red sauce, Linguine with pesto sauce, Rotel in pasta salad his reasoning is that “It’s is my comfort food.”


Mrs. Gould: Says she likes to eat Spaghetti and she didn’t give her answer why she likes it.

Mrs. Collinson: Says she likes to eat Spaghetti carbonara and we didn’t get an answer to why.


Mrs. Fleming: Says she likes Vegetarian Lasagna with spinach, a variety of squash, and ricotta cheese and we didn’t get an answer to why.


Mr. Baxter: Says he likes Fettuccini and we didn’t get an answer to why.


Mr. Martinez Says that he likes to eat Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and fettuccine noodles and we didn’t get an answer to why.


Andrew Barrios: Says he likes to eat Spaghetti, because “It is good” and he first tried it when he was two when his mom introduced him to it.


Ms. Coast: Says she likes eating Lasagna, because “My mom never made it for me” and she first tried it when she was six when she was at a church potluck.


Those are both students and teachers favorite types of pasta. What is your favorite types of pasta there is a poll that you can take, so take it for pasta sake?