Popular Social Media Platforms at HMS

Popular Social Media Platform Icons

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Popular Social Media Platform Icons


Social media has become more popular over the years, so now which one is HMS’s favorite (and why) and the world’s preference?


The world’s view is saying that they prefer Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Social media has changed its popularity over time, for instance, Facebook was at the top of the chart followed by Youtube. This shows that the world’s preferences on Social media have changed. After the first app, in 1970-1980 it was an instant messaging app or feature called PLATO. Now, with filters to make your face vomit rainbows and make yourself look like an animal, the social media aspect has definitely evolved into something much bigger.


Harvest Middle School definitely uses social media. There were many students interviewed from various students from all grades, they voted 29 for Snapchat, 12 for Instagram, 2 for Pinterest, 3 for YouTube and 1 for Facebook. These had interest because of the apps filters, features, or ways of communicating with friends, other students said that it was fun. The most popular, being Snapchat, some students said that Snapchat was too personal. Do you agree with these being the top favorites?