1402 and 811 the Accident

1402 and 811 the Accident

On the date, 4/12/18 at around 3:00, an alarm went off at Harvest Middle School and I am here to tell you why and how. In Mrs. Banta’s room, two kids clicked a button that causes the old alarm system for Ridge-view Middle School to go off. The two kids who clicked the button had to stay in and talk to Mrs. Ready after class. On the date 4/13/18 at 1:10, it happened again and this time, I didn’t know what class it was from. But, it might have been an aftermath of yesterday though.

I interviewed some people that were at the school when it happened and this is what they said.

Bryan said “I think it is quite annoying.” and he thought that “Some random kid pushed the button.”

Jed said “It is annoying as all #$%^.” he also said, “I didn’t know what was going on, but I did know that 1402 is the police code for murder.

Kaleb said “It was annoying the HECK! out of me.” He also said, “Ryan went up touched the button and the alarm went up and, so did Anthony.”

Now that I had more information from people and a person in the class where it happened, I have concluded that the people who did indeed push that button were Ryan and Anthony. In summary, don’t press buttons that don’t belong to you. Have a great day.