8th grade Six Flag Trip


Guess what happens when you get to 8th grade here at Harvest Middle School near the end of the year? You guessed it! You get to go to Six Flag Discovery Kingdom!

You leave by 9:00 and you don’t get back around 5:30!

Don’t bring your backpack, just a little bag to hold water, snack, lunch or money if you want. Lunch will be all you can eat and it is free.

There is a lot of cool stuff to do and there are a lot of rides. Some favorites are Superman Ultimate Fight, Medusa, The Joker, Vertical Velocity, and Kong.

The cost for all 8th graders is $35 and that includes your lunch. You will leave Harvest on a bus with a teacher and chaperones, but once you get to the park your free to travel on your own or with friends. You will take the bus there and back. Near the end of the trip, you will meet back up with your chaperone.

I think it is going to be a fun trip for you guys so have fun and enjoy!