Meet Our New Teachers at Harvest!

Mr. Calderon visiting each table during 8th period I&S

Harvest is excited to have recruited amazing new teachers this 2018-2019 school year! All 11 new teachers couldn’t wait to start the year off successfully and are excited to make a strong impact on the students. Our new teachers fill a spot or two in each department of Harvest! The subjects consist of Math, Science, English, Choir, History, Language Acquisition and Special Education teachers in different grades. The new Harvest staff is here to support each and every student throughout the school year and wish the best for their future!


Mr. Ferris- is the new choir teacher at Harvest!  Mr. Ferris was a teacher as a vocal director for a full high school musical production. Furthermore, he was previously involved at a national award-winning high school and band. He learned to enjoy the arts program.  

Rylee Schmidt- is the Jazz choreographer at HMS and also graduated with a BA in Dance from the University of Hawaii and is a six-time National Dance Champion as well as being a choreographer and coach for dancers in Napa.

Mr. Calderon visiting each table during 8th period I&S

Mr. Calderon- is the 7th and 8th-grade Spanish history teacher and received his single-subject teaching credential from Sonoma State and also completed his undergraduate work in Social Science at CSU Sacramento.

Ms. Figueroa- Is the new history teacher. She earned her Bachelor in arts and history from UC Riverside and a master of arts and teaching from the University of South Carolina.

Mr. Castillo-Cardenas- is the new Language Acquisition teacher. He has taught in an elementary dual immersion program along with teaching high school.

Mr. Castillo-Cardenas hablando en esapnol to his students!

Ms.Russo- is as well, the new Language Acquisition teacher. She has previously taught at the dual-immersion school, NVLA.

Ms. Russo supporting her students in Spanish.

Mrs. Riendau- Is Harvests new  Language and Literature teacher. She has taught elementary school in Napa for 15 years and is learning more about the IB program.

Mr. Gray- is the Mathematics teacher at Harvest. He has teaching experience from schools in Sacramento, Vacaville, and Fairfield. 

Ms. Molinari- teaches the subject, math. She received her credential from Sonoma State and student taught at a middle school in Sonoma.

Mr. Albertazzi- is the 7th and 8th grade Science and Math Advisory teacher. He has taught 18 years of science and math.

Mr. Albertazzi viewing his student’s design for a project!

Ms. Hillman- is the Special Education teacher at Harvest. She earned her BA in English at Northeastern University landing a job at an IB high school.  



Q:A: What are you most looking forward to doing at Harvest?

Mr. Calderon says he wants to “Build communities with students and further your guys’ knowledge in Social Studies. Have fun in the process!

Mr. Albertazzi stated,“ Working with new teachers and students.”

Rylee Schmidt said, “I am looking forward to seeing my students grow and perform at a dance show in December. They are working very hard and have the potential to accomplish amazing things in dance.”

Ms. Russo stated, “I am most looking forward to helping students learn how to communicate in Spanish, whether it be their first or second language.”

Mr. Gray answered, “ I have been teaching for several years. This is the first time that I have taught in Napa. I went to Ridgeview Junior High, which is at this same location, quite a few years back. I am looking forward to getting to know the students and my fellow teachers. I am looking forward to sharing stories from the past about my experiences.”

Ms. Molinari said, “At Harvest this year, I look forward to getting to know each of my students and making sure they know I’m there for them no matter what!”

Mrs. Riendeau: I am most looking forward to getting to know the students of Harvest and bringing a knowledge and love of IB that I came from Bel Aire Park Magnet School with, which is also an IB school 🙂