Fortnite Mad Dance Moves

Fortnite Mad Dance Moves

What is Fortnite ?

A survival game which has over 45 million followers all doing the same thing. Collecting resources, making tools and weapons and trying to survive the online world Fortnight.

Invented by Darren Sugg, a video game designer, it was created to look like the modern world. The purpose of this game is to be the last one standing.

If you are the last one standing you can do a victory dance, but remember to protect yourself by creating “Fortifications”  with the resources you collect.

What are these crazy yet cool dance moves?

There are over 87 dance moves, easy to complicated. Most popular is Best Mates invented by Marlon Webb. Turk’s dance invented in a show named Scrubs and by the character Turk played by Donald Faison. Electro dance, an come from the streets to Paris and YouTube,  eventually ended in Fortnite,

Floss was invented by a kid named Russell Horning, AKA Backpack kid. The robot sounds familiar right? well this isn’t, it almost looks like it but with jerky movements almost like street dancing invented by Michael Jackson.

Fresh dance, first seen in the comedy show The Fresh Prince of Bel-air by the character Caltron and played by Alfonso Ribeiro. And The Flapper dance, invented in the 1920s made it’s way back to the future because of Fortnite,

 Which one is the most popular ?

The most popular dance is called the Orange justice. This amusing dance started out like a meme. If you do not know what a meme is, it’s a humorous image, video, piece of text, ect., that is copied (often with slight variations)  and spread rapidly by Internet users.

Then it was turned even more famous when a kid tried it to win a “Boogie down contest” then well one thing leads to another used in Fortnite.

Why do you dance in  fortnite and in real life?

In the game you can dance to celebrate or to have a little fun while you wait in the lobby. In real life the kids do it to just have fun.

A Student  named Jose Leyva  said he does these fortnite dances “Cause it’s fun”. Another of his harvest peers, Joey, said ” because it is  lit”