American Canyon High School Goes on Lockdown After Students are Robbed off Campus


American Canyon officer searches backpack.

On September 5, 2018, there was a lockdown at American Canyon High School in Napa California, because students were involved in an armed robbery near campus. Students had been robbed of their phones, jewelry, and shoes.

During lunch break, students left campus to get lunch at a nearby 7-11. The suspected robbers were two non-students from out of the county, one armed with a gun and another with a knife.

According to the Napa Register, “The robbers sprawled the students out on the ground and one of them put a gun to one of their heads and said, ‘Give it up or else I’ll kill you.'” Some students were completely frightened and got up and ran for their life at one point during the robbery.

After students had run and made it safely back to campus they reported the incident to the office, initiating the lockdown. Some students did not run and were injured.

In early reports, a law officer reported a “shooter” and several victims in need of medical attention. Police and medical units were called to go help young victims scattered on Newell Drive, Shenandoah Drive, and Silver Oak Trail. “Then ambulances came and took them to the queen of the valley hospital in Napa and a Kaiser in Vallejo. Officials did not disclose details of the injuries.”  According to the Napa Valley Register.

Many students said that they were shocked, and didn’t think that this would happen. Police reported that there were no gunshots and no one was stabbed. According to the Napa Register, parents were advised in a letter from the school district, “Please have your student plan to eat lunch on campus. Food Service will be prepared to serve more students, or your student can bring lunch,”

American Canyon High School stated that school activities would take place as scheduled.