Middle Schoolers Dealing with Peer Pressure

  Students every day at Harvest Middle School are put in situations where they’re pressed to do something they don’t want to do. This is called peer pressure.

We interviewed several students in all grades. Some of their answers were surprising. Alec, an eighth-grader dealt with peer pressure when one of his friends told him to steal something from a store. He knew it wasn’t right so he stood up for himself and said no. His friends were mad and called him names but he did the right thing.

 Everyone’s opinion on peer pressure is different. Lizette Rios mentioned that it’s okay to say no. She also mentioned that peer pressure needs to go away, however, it will be a hard but slowly through time, it will hopefully disappear.

Margaret Hodgins said that she’s never been peer pressured before but if she was she would say no and walk away. Maggie said, “ People fall into peer pressure so they can make friends happy and not disappointed.”  A student also said, “ Peer pressure is good.” He most likely means when someone is telling to do something that is good and that can help you not hurt you.

Finally, something needs to change. Kids and adults are getting forced to do stuff they don’t want to do every day. In some circumstances, it can be unsafe and jeopardize you or people around you. Everyone needs to learn to stand up for themselves when they’re in a bad situation. That’s something we can change. Let’s get to it.