Competition and What Students Think About it

Everyone has been competitive at one point in their lives, whether it comes to sports, school, or any other competitive situations. Competition is the activity or condition of competing. But, competition can affect students in negative and positive ways. And many people have different opinions about it.

I asked some students around HMS if they thought competition was good or bad. Analiyah said, “It’s good to be competitive to push your limits.” Some agreed with Analiyah, and said “Competition helps to  be better at things because your trying to be the best at it” But some disagree because they don’t think competition is important, and they don’t really care.

According to this data, I know now that students can be affected by competition in many ways, and people have varying opinions on competition. Some people think that competition is good, because if you’re being competitive with education it makes you work harder to get a better grade. And others think that competition is bad, because it can affect friendships and make people mad at each other.