Harvest Student Seeks Commissions


Allison Miller is an artist at Harvest Middle School in Napa, California, and is currently in the seventh grade. She attended N.V.L.A for elementary school.

Allison does commissions on Deviantart.com. Commissions are business orders where an artist will take requests from individuals for an art piece and in return the artists receive money. She has been on Deviantart for seven years.

The commision prices on her DeviantArt account range from $5  to 35$. On average Allison receives five to seven commissions per week. The most expensive commission she’s done has been 135$.

Her worst commision experience was in spring 2017, when Allison was scrolling through DeviantArt page and noticed a message requesting a commision. “The message at first was confusing and I couldn’t understand, so I messaged them back and asked for more clarification,” she said. So they clarified and she told them the price would be 16$.

They replied with, “Oh no that’s too much money.” even after she lowered the price of the commission to 1$. “I had to explain that artists need money and that art is not free, but still they would not listen and kept harassing me,” said Allison.  When she had had enough Allison decided to block them, but on DeviantArt to block someone you need to visit their account.

When she visited the account there was a post made by the account holder who she now knew was a man in his early thirties had made a post claiming that she was “Bullying him and denied him a commision”. So she finally blocked him.

When asked about how she enjoys commissions she replied with this, “It’s really fun most of the time, but sometimes you feel bored and uninspired and close commissions for a day or two”.

Some advice she has for other artists wanting to start doing commissions is, “ Just don’t panic at first, don’t worry you can just do whatever and get that coin sis”.