Most Popular Sports at Harvest

Most Popular Sports at Harvest

The Hawk reporters were sent to find out what is the most popular sport at HMS .

The top three sports are soccer, next was basketball, and the third is football. The main reason why people chose these sports are because it’s fun or they like being active.

“Soccer is fun because you get to waste a lot of energy and still have some for class,” said 8th grader Araceli Valdez.

“Basketball is fun because I like shooting hoops,” said 8th grader Jose Leyva.

“Football is fun because you can take out all your anger on the opponents’ team,” said 8th grader Roman Topete.

Some of the answers surprised us because they are unusual or less popular sports,for example, “MMA is fun because you get all your anger out,” said unknown 7th grader.

I also interviewed some teachers to see what sports they like.

Ms.Bikul said, “Soccer because it’s an amazing sport”.

“Tennis because I’m a natural, and basketball because it’s a fast-paced sport,” said Ms.Zorn.

“Basketball because I’ve played it since a little kid and through college,” said Ms.Banta.