Students’ Favorite Memes

The Fortnite default dance is a a students favorite meme.

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Students’ Favorite Memes

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Students always have favorite memes, so HMS reporters went out to find what memes people like. You might be asking what is a meme? A meme is a humorous image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users.

An 8th grader named Braulio Aguilar said that his favorite meme was the Fortnite default dance because the song is catchy.

Noah Persig a 7th grader said all Fortnite memes because they are some good quality memes. 

A 7th grader Christian Williams said his favorite meme is “free real estate” because it’s funny.  

8th grader Angie Silva said “Kermit Sewercide” because she can relate.  

Liam Gorman, a 7th grader said his favorite meme is “Ali-a intro” meme because it is garbage, while Aldo Covarrubias, an 8th grader said his favorite meme is “Ali-a intro” because it is awesome.

 Noel Lopez an 8th grader said that his favorite meme is mining away because it is in a Ceeday video. 

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