October Halloween Traditions

Halloween. Most of us know that Halloween is the final day of October where trick or treaters knock on your door in costumes. Normally, they are children, but not always. So what costumes, what traditions do other families have during the month of October or on Halloween, or just the excitement of things like going to the Halloween store or walking into somewhere like Michaels and straight to the Halloween section.

Some of us as middle schoolers might find ourselves feeling “too old” for going trick or treating and might end up just sitting at home and watching movies like Hocus Pocus and other Halloween movies.  So here are some stories of others Halloween traditions or favorite things to do in October.

An anonymous student at Harvest Middle School was open for an interview. One of the things that this student and their family do for Halloween, is they make their own costumes each year.  They also celebrate this student’s birthday which is, in fact, October thirty first. Another thing they do on anyone’s birthday is whoever’s birthday it is they get to choose what is for dinner.

A story from another student who remained anonymous is one from three years ago at the Six Flags Fright Fest. The student and their family were walking around fright fest. After they ate with the people in costumes walking by they decided to go into all the houses, but their mom then said that she would not go into a certain one.  Their mom then explained why, ¨When I went in there a few years back there was a man dressed as a pig with a chainsaw who got very close and, well, it was very scary¨.

After the conversation, they decided to go to the show but outside they saw a few people dressed in skimpy clothes who were dancing and there were chains. Their parents were basically all ¨Nope”, so they ended up leaving that area and decided to go get dinner. The student started to feel sick as they were walking because of the people walking around.  But before they got there the student and their mom decided to use the bathroom and when they came out and ended up not getting dinner. As they were walking their dad he told them about something that happened while they were in the bathroom, apparently a little boy walked up to someone in a costume and fake shot them with a finger gun, the one in a costume played along and fell on the floor and played dead and the crowd around started clapping.

Other traditions of course include trick or treating with either your friends or parents, Goretober in which artists, cosplayers, makeup artists and whoever wants will either draw scary and gory drawings or do their makeup in disturbing ways, another thing to do is Inktober in which artists for the whole month of October attempt to draw every day in color but some do try to make it spooky such as in black and white this is another occurrence in the month of October.  

One last artist like a trend to happening in October is Pasteltober which is basically Goretober but Pastel.