Favorite Costumes of Harvest Halloween


With Halloween right around the corner, everyone’s getting ready to dress up! At Harvest middle school we interviewed several students on what they would be for Halloween, what cool costumes/ group costumes have they heard of, and what is a fun costume they were in the past. Also some popular Halloween candies from other students.

First, Here are a few students answers. Liam Gorman a 7th grader celebrates Halloween and a cool custom he was in the past was an elf. For this year’s Halloween, he’s going to be a giraffe. He thinks a cool Halloween costume would be the characters from Winnie the Pooh. Jaye Davis also celebrates Halloween and is in 8th grade. She’s was a witch one year with a really cool hat. She thinks a fun group costume would be SnapChat filters. For this year she’s going to be a baseball player.

Second, Here’s some more of students answers and quotes. Brian said a cool Halloween costume you could be is a clown because they’re scary! Marissa Blackwood and Shayley Zaccone (8th graders) are going as a group. They’re going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss.

Here are some popular Halloween candies. Nicholas Halstead 7th graders favorite candy is a Milky Way. Brooklyn Blankenship favorite is Snickers. Julian Ordonez most favorite is Reeses. Lastly, Sherline Field (8th grader) favorite candy is Kit Kats and Reese’s.