What is feminism?

     Feminism means gender equality for women young and old and to have the same rights as men. Feminism does not mean we hate men or that we should be better than them It’s just about equal rights.

  When were women given rights?

     Women were given the right to vote on August 18, 1920. Until then, women were expected to just focus on housework and motherhood without having the right to own any property, no legal claim to the money they might have earned, and no right to vote.

    All this had to be changed somehow. On July 19-20 1848 the first gathering held by the principled Elizabeth Cady Staton in Seneca Falls New York was attended by about 100 people who came to this meeting to hear the beliefs that she had. 

      It took 70 years to finally convince everyone that women had the right to vote and to do many more things. Slowly they began to make more privileges for women 1920 right to vote and 1930 right to work.

     Women’s’ March

      It has been 98 years since the women’s suffrage movement and we started to repeat history again in January. One year ago thousands of people came and reunited in the Veterans Park here in Napa. The theme of the march, the purpose why we were marching was written in a quote  “First We March, Then We Vote, Hear our Voices”.   

 They marched first from the Oxbow to the Veterans Park and then from the Veterans’ Park to the fairgrounds.  Thousands went up and spoke they spoke about feminism, equality, race and what we are supposed to be and that is simply to be kind.

  What does feminism mean to harvest students?

Joey DeNatale said, “That strong woman stand up for themselves”.

Another Harvest peer, Avelyn  Richardson, said, “I think feminism means strong and independent women that stand up for her rights and beliefs.”

Stefania Llamas said, “I think that feminism means having equal rights between genders, and strong independent woman”.