Operation with Love from Home

It’s the end of  November and at Harvest in homeroom, we’ve been working on something in anticipation for the month of December.  In our homeroom, we have been writing letters to troop members of the AU.S. Armed Forces for the holidays. The letters as suggested from one of the teachers should include your first name (not your last name, though because of privacy for the students), a thank you to the troop member you are writing, and something about your hobbies, about school, etc. The letters are written by us, the students, to improve morale to the troop members and help them feel a bit more happy during a homeroom class.

Teachers read out a letter about someone from the army talking about how the troop members’ faces light up when they receive the letters and that they read them over many times. The project that we are working is called ¨Operation with Love from Home¨ and on their homepage it says,¨We honor all the brave men and women who are in foreign lands without their families, and we are dedicated to helping as many of them as possible.¨ And on the ´about us´ page, it explains that they ¨work to support our deployed army forces stationed in harm’s way¨ and to show support ¨we three times a year we the group work together to collect donations such as boot socks, kleenex, batteries, lip balm, sunblock,etc¨. But each package also includes a handwritten letter of support and thanks to such as what we’re doing here. The main theme with most of the letters was decorated with Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, presents, candy canes, ornaments, snowflakes, American flags, etc. but also on the Operation with love from home youtube channel there is a video with the story of how it all started and how volunteers and others feel and just more information about the operation with love from home.

A few words from students about how they feel about writing the letters. One student says, ¨ I feel like if we write for them, it will definitely make their day since they’ve been away for a long time.¨

Another student says, ¨Well, I feel like its well something to do.¨ So hopefully maybe next year you’ll consider writing a letter.